Sunday, June 17, 2018

"The Infancy Of The Myth" Book Critique

   My copy of "Infancy of the Myth"

The Infancy of the Myth is the title of a book that covers Rudolph Valentino's time in Castellaneta from birth until the family moved to Taranto a span of about nine years.  Written by Castellaneta historian, Aurelio Miccoli, often called "the professor"

The book is paperback and clocks in at 255 pages although Amazon lists the book in error at 294 pages.  It has many color photographs of vintage structures in Castellaneta, including churches and street-ways and of course Valentino's noted birth home.  To me the photographs were the best part of the book.  

The book is being marketed as a straight forward biography of Rudolph Valentino's first nine years of life.  On Amazon the publisher has tried to sweeten the deal by describing it as a "scholarly study" and says it is a "stunning, accurate narrative".  No, sadly, it is not even close to that wishful description the publisher, Viale Industria Publication put on Amazon.

If the book had been marketed as "historical fiction"  I would award the author ***** five stars on Amazon.  However as a "scholarly study" it comes up with * star.  

Why?  Fictional dialogue.  A whopping 90% of the book is fictional dialogue. 

This is an example where the author completely invents dialogue, actions, glances, touching.

Here the author tells the reader what Alberto and Rodolfo were thinking, as well as what their fathers actions were.  All fabricated.

Here the author tells us what Rodolfo was thinking and felt; pain, humiliation and anger.  All fabricated.

Here the author fabricates an entire interaction with the local priest along with back and forth fictional dialogue.  All untrue.
 The author has provided no citations as to where he is pulling the dialogue from, and therefore there is no way for him to know from 1895 to 1904 as to what Valentino's mother, father, brother, priest was thinking, or saying.  Yet he tells us page after page of what they were thinking, he quotes them in casual dialogue.  

The premise of the book is true;  Castellaneta is the real town where Valentino was born and yes his father, Giovanni, his mother Gabrielle, his brother Alberto all were real people. The author in his introduction said his aim of the book was to outline the real events.  This he accomplished, but just reader be wary -  everything outside of that framework has been created out of thin air.   It reads like historical fiction and if that is fine by you, then by all means add this book to your library.   Just know that it is not a "scholarly study" nor is it a "stunning, accurate narrative" as the publisher has described. 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Affairs Valentino: "You're Not On The List"

                                     There was another Poo Cast last night!

Produced by "Child Star" Renato Floris (aged 72) and starring his bride, Affairs Valentino author Evelyn Zumaya. Its quite the family operation.  This is Poo Cast #20 with the promise of more to come.

Last week Child Star Floris flung a terse e-mail to a newly revamped Valentino website.  On the site there is a wonderfully compiled list of recommended books on Rudolph Valentino. All books by Evelyn Zumaya & party were not on the list.  The webmaster indicated that the list was not all inclusive. That did nothing to deter Child Star Floris who now forgoes acting for publishing his wife's books.

He wrote in a moment of clarity that "I can't see different titles I have the honor to publish" about Rudolph Valentino.  

Then he name drops Michael Morris and shifts focus by begging "that you'll fix this problem and that you are not participating to the hate campaign against Ms. Zumaya and, it looks, boycott of my books!"

Face it, you're not on the list. No one's boycotting you.  I don't see you putting other peoples books up on your website.

On last week's Poo Cast, author Evelyn Zumaya verbally seethed with anger that she would "not rest" until she found who had put a "hit" on her work. You only have to listen to these Poo Casts, or read what you've posted on your many blogs, or how you have publicly injected yourself into lawsuits you had no business in, or read the "A Forewarning' to find out why you and your books are nowhere to be seen. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Affairs Valentino Critique - George Ullman's Valentino 'Giveaway"

In Affairs Valentino the author Evelyn Zumaya talks of meetings with Bill "Pelf" which we all now know is William Self the acclaimed 20th Century Fox television producer.  Why she switched the one letter is probably some type of revenge for cutting her off from any further meetings.  I wouldn't blame him one bit.  She described the interior of his house incorrectly so her one visit must have been with just the front door cracked open as Self shooed her away from his property.

Evelyn alluded in Affairs Valentino that Self played the Valentino family and the S. George Ullman family.  Both sides were kind to him and he, being the gentleman he was, returned the courtesy.  S. George Ullman often gave Self personal Valentino estate items that he, S. George Ullman had no legal right to possess, as he stole them from the Valentino Estate.  Here is evidence of one such item Ullman freely gave away.  This note is written in Ullmans own handwriting to Bill Self. 

"This incense burner was purchased
in Spain by Rudolph Valentino and
used by him for heating his mascara
eye lash makeup.
A birthday gift to William Self from
George Ullman, Valentino's Manager on
June 21, 1970"

In Affairs Valentino on page 384 author Evelyn Zumaya stated that Bill Self was gifted with Valentino's platinum Cobra watch by Alberto and Jean.  That is not correct information.  Bill Self purchased the watch. It was not given to him.  He paid $10,000.00 for the item.

                                                     Source: Affairs Valentino page 384

This is another example of the errors within the book Affairs Valentino by author Evelyn Zumaya.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tricks of a Bully - Point The Finger Elsewhere, When In Fact You Started It All.

Evelyn Zumaya -  Once again I ask you publicly to stop bullying with your podcasts and Twitter and Tumbler accounts. On your blogs, your websites.  Take down those podcasts and web pages.  Please, email me privately for ways for you to atone for your long campaign of hate and bullying.

My very first ever blog was created on September 25, 2011.  I opened it calling it "Valentino Wept" because I felt he would weep if he knew the online bulling that Evelyn Zumaya was doing in his name.

I ask you to please remember that date.

I am going to give you proof of what Evelyn Zumaya had written about me online PRIOR to that first ever blog post that I did.  Yes, it was bullying.  It continues to be bulling no matter what she says, no matter how she tries to twist it.  It is bullying.

                      My first ever blog posting.  You can see its a heart-felt plea for her bullying to stop.

Here is an Evelyn Zumaya blog called Valentino Speaks where she personally attacked me and claimed George Ullman's son would want to "kick my ass"  This was from March 7, 2010.  Note that the date shows it to be one year, six months before I ever first posted on a blog online.  Yes, Evelyn Zumaya is bullying!

Here is another blog she ran called Lord Wilde and she claims she is going to create a "spoof" book and name me by a mock-name that rhymes with my own (Tracy Terhune/ "Stacey Pefume") so that no one would be mistaken on who she intends to target.  Bullying?  Oh wow, Yes.  Its actually sickening that Evelyn Zumaya labeled it "An Enticing Idea"

Here is a blog entry the day before the Valentino Memorial where she called it "Happy Crypt Keeping" and that the Memorial Service was run by (me) a cultist. She also released at this same time, her book Affairs Valentino with the "A Forewarning" where she also named me as a cultist and Valentino Cult Leader.  Keep in mind that this is still prior to my ever posting on any online blog.  She still had free reign on the internet.  Bullying me the day before the Valentino Memorial.

It didn't end there. Once I created the blog "Valentino Wept"  The next day, yes the very next day she created another blog called "Valentino Laughed" so as to mock my first public response to her many bullying posts about me. 

 Sadly, these photos below will show there are hundreds upon hundreds of pages captured of her bullying me and others on numerous blogs that she has created.  All created with the intent to bully those who she has taken a dislike to.  It wasn't just me, she attacked author David Bret, she attacked a female blogger in London.  She attacked the Valentino family. She's attacked people who run Valentino Facebook forums.

As the screenshots show, she started it.  She was posting a year and half about me non-stop.  All of it designed to put lies, mis-information about me online.  You can see for yourself the mountain of evidence that proves she is the bully.  I, and all the rest who followed, have fought back against her bullying.  That is one of the main reasons I obtained this blog when she abandoned it.  For the sole purpose of now owning the very blog she had bullied me on!

Please.  See for yourself and let the record show:


Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Evelyn Zumaya Please Stop Bullying People

I am stepping back from the Affairs Valentino book critique.  Trust me, there is plenty more subject matter to get back to.  However I want to shine light on some darkness.

Evelyn Zumaya went to a Turin Valentino conference and gave a lecture. She was sponsored by Michael Morris since up to that point Evelyn Zumaya had not written any book, so most of those attending and fellow speakers had no knowledge to who she was or why she was even there.  

Instead of using her valuable time at the podium for introducing her theory of what she found out about Rudolph Valentino she sadly took the low road and began attacking two authors who's books on Valentino clashed with her own views.   I am sure most in the audience were stunned that she used her time to attack other authors, especially since it was a Valentino author himself who sponsored her appearance. Perhaps it was too many of the tall martini's she admits to downing like water.  Her unwise attack on author David Bret set the tone for years to come.

She later posted the video of her talk online and that is where Bret got wind of it. Yes, he fought back.  She then posted pictures of a homeless man digging through a dumpster for scraps of food.  She found his sad plight so humorous that she re-posted the picture on her blog with the caption that it was David Bret doing his research.   Bullying?   Yes.

She later posted a photo of a stuffed Monkey at a keyboard and captioned it that David Bret was at work.  Bullying?  Yes.

She posted a photo online of his book on Valentino with her cat shitting on it, covered with cat litter as the cat tried to cover it.  Bullying?  Yes!

She started a series of Youtube videos blasting David Bret. On these videos she waxed on and on how she was being attacked.  But she never told the audience she had started it.  She had thrown the gasoline on the fire and then pretended to be shocked when it went up in flames.  In these nasty, hate filled videos she is seen goading him endlessly.  "More Tea Officer" and many other titles such as "The Perverted Dynamics of the Team"  accusing everyone within ear range of conspiring against her.  The very woman who started it all is now pumping out video after video.  Bullying?  Yes!

I didn't escape her bullying either.  On the day before the Valentino Memorial she posted a blistering attack on me, and of the beautiful Valentino Memorial Service.  Filled with false statements she gloated that she wished me happy crypt keeping.  Last year she came to my neighborhood and posted it online the day before the Memorial  "Lunch in North Hollywood"  (now she claims its Van Nuys, she cant keep her lies straight) Bullying?  Yes!

She's since then opened many blogs all of them to mock or demean the people she claims to fear.  Yes "fear" is a weapon of choice to gain sympathy for the woman who started it all.  She wrote in a book that someone told her I may shoot her in the back of the head.  That I was on drugs.  That I was a Valentino Cult Leader.  All of it IN PRINT.   Bullying?  Yes!

A woman calling herself Irezumi Muzan posted online that Evelyn Zumaya was in cahoots with another person operating a blog called "Boycott David Bret" who's entire purpose was to trash and tarnish his reputation.  When Muzan resisted getting involved in such a bullying operation, Zumaya turned on her.  Knowing she was a vegan, she posted photos of a dead animal in the road as if to offer 'meat'  she posted that she was Bret's "hateful mouthpiece'  Muzan finally ended her blog in fear of the never ending campaign Zumaya had launched against her.  Bullying?  Yes!

Now she has podcasts to spew her hate.  Just listen to them.  Not about Rudolph Valentino.  No, they are filled to the brim with hate, anger, finger pointing, bitterness, harsh words, distorted re-telling of stories of perceived enemy's.  Its all there in a voice so shrill as she claims to be only defending herself when it is she, herself who started it all.  Bullying?  Yes!

Now, Cindy Martin is the most recent person to be bullied by Evelyn Zumaya and her latest husband.  They have openly bragged that they had tried to silence her by petitioning Twitter to remove Tweets they dont like.  They have called her a hate mongering person.  Bullying?  Yes!

Evelyn Zumaya has used books, blogs, Twitter, Youtube, and now podcasts.  In every format hate is dished out to bully anyone she considers in her way.   She started it all.

Stop the bullying Evelyn.  It's time to stop.  Just stop.  Now.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Affairs Valentino Critique - "It's A Pleasure Doing Business With You"


In the shady upside down world of S. George Ullman it is now documented that he stole valuable items from the estate of Rudolph Valentino.  One of a kind items.  Paintings, silver, RVG's personal wallet.  Negatives, contracts.  Furniture.  Yes, once Alberto turned his back to mourn his brother, Ullman must have rented a Uhaul.

Amazingly Affairs Valentino author, Evelyn Zumaya gives scant attention to Ullman's activities.  I already mentioned in a prior posting that she expressed ZERO interest in the papers that prove the charge.  No interest at all.  Yet on page 366 of Affairs Valentino she slides the reader right past the obvious. (Nothing to see here, folks..... move along)  How so you may ask?

She claims they were souvenirs !  

                                                                    Source: Affairs Valentino

Here is a letter of thanks from his unholy alliance with a dealer he was sliding the hot items (aka souvenirs) to.   In it he thanks him for doing business with him.  Yes, this is a sad irreversible stain on the reputation of S. George Ullman.

Affairs Valentino Critique - 3rd Party Review

There was a blogger online not long ago who ran a multi-part honest review of the book Affairs Valentino.  Written by a lady code named "Irezumi" she proceeded to give her honest take on the book Evelyn Zumaya had written.  After the review, "Irezumi" claimed that Evelyn began to attack her online.

Here are a couple of fair use quotes from that review and of what Irezumi had to say regarding Affairs Valentino and about Evelyn Zumaya.  Let me know if you think that any of this 'rings true'

                                                      (Click on review to enlarge)

She went on to add further....


And the last installment she closed with this heartfelt statement, is very clear she felt bullied by Evelyn Zumaya. I have covered  strong language she felt she needed to use, along with the names.

I remind the readers that the above quotes from her review reflect her own opinions and not necessarily that of this blog. We are offering it as an alternative viewpoint-review to the ones I have been posting which focus mainly on errors within the book. 

"The Infancy Of The Myth" Book Critique

   My copy of "Infancy of the Myth" The Infancy of the Myth is the title of a book that covers Rudolph Valentino's tim...