Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Hate Speech Of Evelyn Zumaya


In Her Own Words

  Read the quotes below and tell me if you find any that contain "civility and grace"  I'll wait.  

 Direct quotes of comments either by Evelyn Zumaya or approved by Evelyn Zumaya to appear on her public blog.

"Vicious flabby senior citizen who cloaks himself in the mantle of the 23rd Psalm" 5/9/22

"Valentino will rise from the dead and deposit himself buck naked in Terhune's bed. You keep working on that one, Terhune.  It's been how many decades of effort so far?" 2/16/22

"Terhune is totally immoral" 3/19/22

"Terhune, boated pie faced senior citizen that he is...." 4/12/22

Terhune is an "aged gay man"  6/9/22

" 'Rudy was gay' stories seem to give Terhune cheap thrills and fuel his fantasies"  7/17/22

"I am convinced that Terhune has some mental development challenges which are on full display" 3/30/22

"I never said you would shoot someone in the back of the head, you did actually by identifying yourself."  8/9/20

"Terhune monitors this blog...no doubt wearing a diaper to avoid the need to rise...it is an immense pleasure to know that his flesh is crawling in response..."  6/22/22

"Talk about a small world that Terhune is in.  His fantasies about Valentino are unhealthy" 3/30/22

"He is going into Charles Manson territory" 1/23/22

"Terhune is diabolically psychologically disturbed" 5/5/22

"Tracy Ryan Terhune's delusions of grandeur have now reached worrying levels.  Not so much for us but for his loved ones, if any."  8/9/20

"Terhune...is a viper in a far too small T shirt and age inappropriate bad haircut"  6/9/22

"Terhune is a tin pot dictator with a microscopic constituency" 4/14/22

"TRT who gives off the vibe of a man who dresses up in women's underwear in the privacy of his own home" 11/20/21

"I think the adjective "corrupt" would certainly apply in describing Tracy Ryan Terhune's leadership" 4/18/22

"What unwholesome things has Terhune possibly been up to at the crypt 'after hours?'" 3/31/22

"This is not imo a Valentino Cult at all, but a Tracy Terhune cult"  4/4/22

"..letting someone like Tracy Terhune continue to emcee that burlesque vaudeville show next to Valentino's coffin every year" 7/23/20

"I think imo Rudy would kick Tracy Terhune's ass"  10/20/21

"Terhune has hurt Evelyn's family and threatened anyone who supports her. Being called a demon, now that has hit a sore spot, hasn't it?" 7/17/22

"The legacy of Terhune will be of lies, scorn but yours will live on"  11/26/22

"I think we can all count on seeing photos from the upcoming August 2022 crypt parade of Terhune, grinning his toothless grin......"  5/12/22

"..celebrate every year a ceremony which rather than being a serious occasion reminds me of the mad hatter's non-birthday party in Alice in Wonderland.  Yes, a non-birthday party because this ceremony does not celebrate a birth but a death"  8/9/20

Terhune "sports a flick of mascara and foundation for....turn at crypt lectern"  5/8/22

"Wonder who you are... maybe the flabby mascaraed crypt keeper" 6/30/22

"Sickening how they cater to Lord Terhune kissing his fat butt"  3/3/22

"Terhune is a colossal horses ass" 3/18/22

What does this have to do with Valentino?  Zumaya approved this comment

"Tracy, you are no Jesus Christ"  5/30/22

"Too bad Terhune cannot go to jail for what he does"  6/22/22

"Despite being the cult leader on his FB forum, Terhune has all the charisma of a bowl of oatmeal. Served cold." 4/4/22

"The membership is a reflection of their relic hoarding leader" 5/21/22

"Terhune is a pompous ass. And it's clear why the topic of syphilis makes him flinch.  Hint: it has nothing to do with 'disrespect'" 9/16/21

"Tracy Ryan Terhune said there was room enough at the Valentino table for everyone...positioning himself somehow as if he is in charge of any "Valentino" table other than that post crypt fest spaghetti throw down..."  4/17/20

"Lord Terhune aka The Cult Leader and who are trying to make Evelyn and her followers as a cult and who twist comments to make it look like she is the villan"  4/18/22

"Terhune seems to believe that because he hoards minor Valentino relics and interned at Disneyland, he has credentials" 3/18/22

"Terhune the gaslighting narcissist"  6/24/22

"Imagine them convening at the memorial....joyless and grim, consigned to the hell of one another's company"  6/29/21

"TRT his living quarters are a Valentino museum. He wiles away the hours by covering himself in his dead dream lover's clothing and effects" 10/30/21

"Terhune will never have his pathetic heart's desire with long gone Rudy" 7/17/22

"The thought of Terhune owning Rudy's bracelet makes my skin crawl and the cryptfest makes me ill"  7/25/22

"Terhune looks absolutely ridiculous wearing a slave bracelet at age 65"  7/25/22

"..The bracelet's painful chain of custody from Rambova's loving hands to Terhune's grimy and depraved paws is as tawdry as tawdry gets.  Incidentally he looks just ghastly in the video plug for the upcoming crypt fest"  7/24/22

"TRT...would never let the little creep near his precious memorial.  Hypocrisy, thy name is Terhune" 7/26/22

"Terhune looked like he needed an oxygen infusion and makeup wipes in that promotional spot he filmed for the memorial"  7/28/22

"Terhune...is so arrogant, he believes he can allow Bret free rein to barf up every kind of disgusting verbal vomit...at the same time he can bow his angelic head in prayer at the Valentino Memorial" 7/29/22

".....the heavy mascara and pancake makeup that Terhune wears to record Crypt Fest preview videos" 7/29/22

"The heavy eye makeup Terhune wore in his most recent video appearance was, shall we say euphemistically, not a good look. He appeared to have drawn his inspiration from Vilma Banky in Son of the Sheik.  No doubt he fantasizes it is he, and not Banky, who Valentino ravishes in the tent"  7/29/22

"Pasty, bloated Terhune seems like a pathetic figure for whom life has passed by. Must be hard at the end of the day to realize that relic hoarding doesn't make for fulfilled life like the Floris have"  8/3/22

"He shamelessly plants himself in a church and asserts supernatural legitimacy..." 9/8/22

"Hey Terhune, you colossal POS"  (POS = Piece of shit) 9/15/22

"People don't show up at the Memorial to see TRT, I can assure you.  I would use the phrase "in spite of..."  9/14/22

"Terhune is a fraudulent gasbag in keen need of reputation rebuilding" 9/22/22 

"the bastards.  Yes I called them all that, Renato does too ... so Tracy Terhune can rush off to log that insult into his tally.  Bastard is defined as an unpleasant and despicable person.  There you have it and if Mr. Terhune wants to be called more flattering adjectives then he should earn them"  10/23/22

These are all direct quotes from or approved by Evelyn Zumaya

Hate Speech Of Evelyn Zumaya

  In Her Own Words    Read the quotes below and tell me if you find any that contain "civility and grace"  I'll wait.      Dir...