Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Valentino Fan Fiction - Evelyn "Fool" Zumaya

On the latest podcast, Evelyn "Fool" Zumaya lashed out with a fury against Alberto Valentino and his great granddaughter.

Fan Fiction for S. George Ullman 

Keep in mind the "Fool" has one agenda; to sell print-on-demand fan fiction Valentino books and to put a halo over George Ullman's head.  Not going to happen.  She cant use revisionist history and go unchallenged.  As the Child Star (age 73) chuckled and cheered, she falsely stated "George Ullman was not a thief".

Oh really? All the documentation I have posted here in previous listings (still available to read) and you can still say that?  To recap, I have posted evidence; letters and receipts of Valentino Estate items that Ullman stole and then sold for 30 years on the black market so that his name would not be associated with the sales.  He sold not only estate items but the deeds to the Whitley Heights home, he sold telegrams, he sold the power of attorney signed by Valentino.  He sold much much more, all of it belonged, legally to the Valentino family.   Nahhhhh, S. George Ullman wasn't a thief.   Look the other way folks, nothing here to see.

She contacted a Valentino "expert" to inquire as to what Rudy would have done had he not died in 1926.  Apparently this Valentino "expert" has a crystal ball to look into what may have been.  And guess what?   The "expert" told Evelyn "Fool" Zumaya what she wanted so desperately to hear.

The "expert" told Zumaya that George Ullman would have successfully steered Valentino into a new chapter of his career, because of how brilliant he was as a manger.  The same "expert" told the "Fool" that "Alberto would have been sent into oblivion"

Yea, right.  I laughed out LOUD.  That's called "fan fiction" plain and simple.

Evelyn "Fool" Zumaya wasn't done with Alberto Valentino.  She said that "Alberto instigated a vendetta" against Ullman because of Alberto's displeasure that he couldn't replace his brother in the film community.  Where is her evidence of such a vendetta?  She offers the listener nary a scrap. We are to take her word, I suppose.  Considering all the errors she made in Affairs Valentino, I wouldn't take her word for anything.  She faked the whole Frank Mennillo "Godfather" story, but we'll save that for another day.

Lets throw a splash of truth on this, shall we?  Valentino correspondence exists that show Valentino was questioning the wisdom of S. George Ullman and was contemplating firing him.

BOOM! (Mike drop)

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

How Evelyn Zumaya Operates

Evelyn Zumaya -  Once again I ask you publicly to stop bullying with your podcasts and Twitter and Tumbler accounts. On your blogs, your websites.  Take down those podcasts and web pages.  Please, email me privately for ways for you to atone for your long campaign of hate and bullying.

My very first ever blog was created on September 25, 2011.  I opened it calling it "Valentino Wept" because I felt he would weep if he knew the online bulling that Evelyn Zumaya was doing in his name.

I ask you to please remember that date.

I am going to give you proof of what Evelyn Zumaya had written about me online PRIOR to that first ever blog post that I did.  Yes, it was bullying.  It continues to be bulling no matter what she says, no matter how she tries to twist it.  It is bullying.

                      My first ever blog posting.  You can see its a heart-felt plea for her bullying to stop.

Here is an Evelyn Zumaya blog called Valentino Speaks where she personally attacked me and claimed George Ullman's son would want to "kick my ass"  This was from March 7, 2010.  Note that the date shows it to be one year, six months before I ever first posted on a blog online.  Yes, Evelyn Zumaya is bullying!

Here is another blog she ran called Lord Wilde and she claims she is going to create a "spoof" book and name me by a mock-name that rhymes with my own (Tracy Terhune/ "Stacey Pefume") so that no one would be mistaken on who she intends to target.  Bullying?  Oh wow, Yes.  Its actually sickening that Evelyn Zumaya labeled it "An Enticing Idea"

Here is a blog entry the day before the Valentino Memorial where she called it "Happy Crypt Keeping" and that the Memorial Service was run by (me) a cultist. She also released at this same time, her book Affairs Valentino with the "A Forewarning" where she also named me as a cultist and Valentino Cult Leader.  Keep in mind that this is still prior to my ever posting on any online blog.  She still had free reign on the internet.  Bullying me the day before the Valentino Memorial.

It didn't end there. Once I created the blog "Valentino Wept"  The next day, yes the very next day she created another blog called "Valentino Laughed" so as to mock my first public response to her many bullying posts about me. 

 Sadly, these photos below will show there are hundreds upon hundreds of pages captured of her bullying me and others on numerous blogs that she has created.  All created with the intent to bully those who she has taken a dislike to.  It wasn't just me, she attacked author David Bret, she attacked a female blogger in London.  She attacked the Valentino family. She's attacked people who run Valentino Facebook forums.

As the screenshots show, she started it.  She was posting a year and half about me non-stop.  All of it designed to put lies, mis-information about me online.  You can see for yourself the mountain of evidence that proves she is the bully.  I, and all the rest who followed, have fought back against her bullying.  That is one of the main reasons I obtained this blog when she abandoned it.  For the sole purpose of now owning the very blog she had bullied me on!

Please.  See for yourself and let the record show:


Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Evelyn Zumaya Started This

On Twitter today Evelyn Zumaya says she's been "defending" herself for 10 years.  Nice try Evelyn.  Those of us who have been on the battlefield know the truth, and she aint telling truth, that's for sure.

With David Bret she went to Italy and in a lecture she publicly trashed his book.  Not satisfied with the small, dis-interested audience, she took the video of it and cast it upon the waters of Youtube to find a larger audience. Evilness, mean spirited.

To up the ante she posted a photograph of David Bret's book in her cat's litterbox with cat litter upon the cover with the cat leaving the scene of having defecated on the cover of his Valentino book, which just happened to be a photograph of Rudolph Valentino's face.  Pause for a moment and picture her doing that to YOU in your mind.

So you've been defending yourself for 10 years?  I call that "Fake News"

For myself, in 2011 in "Affairs Valentino" she, as it's sole author, with the admitted guidance of a now deceased priest, penned an opening to the book the chapter titled "A Forewarning"  in that she labeled myself as a Valentino Cult Leader and that people hesitated to go to screenings for fear that I may shoot them in the back of the head.  She stated I had whispers of drug use, she stated that I would call a certain person's cell phone with crank calls.  She said oh, so much more.  Pause for a moment and visualize her writing that about YOU in a book.

So you've been defending yourself for 10 years?  I call that  "Fake News"

Evelyn Zumaya began to videotape slanderous videos and gleefully posted them all on Youtube for the world to absorb.  I was able to download each and every one and will present these in a court of law should the day of reckoning come.

                                        Screen shot of Thumbnail's of EZ Videos preserved

Now more recently she and Renato Floris, the Child Star (aged 72) decided to continue the unwarranted attacks via Podcasts.

Keep in mind PRIOR to any Podcast there was not one single word written here or elsewhere online by myself or David Bret that mentioned her name.

NOTHING.  Zip. Zero.  Then she started recording the Podcasts at the admitted prodding of Renato Floris Child Star (age 72) and now look at what has occurred.  The blog has been turned into a book critique and the Emperor, she doth have no clothes.  Flawed, embarrassingly exposed to just how amateurish she and her research of her book was.

In short order this book critique apparently its found an appreciative audience as the page has risen to #1 on the Google search engine. Absolutely amazing. Who could have predicted such an outcome?

Every single Podcast which weekly excretes more foul defamation unto the world, is again, just like the videos, captured for evidence of who REALLY started all this.

                                          Screenshot of Podcasts downloaded

So when Evelyn Zumaya Tweets that she has been defending herself for 10 years call her out and say "FAKE NEWS"  As in truth, she's been attacking people for over 10 years and we have been fighting back.  This is the complete truth.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Affairs Valentino Companion Guide - Book Critique

This review will cover the book 'Affairs Valentino Companion Guide'  Its currently available on Amazon.  The book has 367 pages but the listing on Amazon, the publisher states it as 400 pages.  This isn't the first time I have called out this publisher Renato Floris, Child Star (aged 72) for deceptive advertising.  It is NOT 400 pages by any stretch of the imagination. Lets not pretend otherwise. 

Keep in mind, aside from the opening chapter titled "Author's Notes"  everything else in the book is a Xerox copy of court documents pertaining mostly to the aftermath of the Valentino estate legal battles.  Those most directly involved would be Valentino's brother Alberto vs. S. George Ullman.  The Valentino family came out the winner in the long run.  However Ullman did get a sort of last laugh by stealing numerous Valentino estate items behind the Valentino family's back, and selling them along with Valentino documents, Valentino contracts and Valentino telegrams on the black market in a "drip.. drip" fashion for almost 30 years. Zumaya in her first book called these "souvenirs"

The court records the author Evelyn Zumaya presents in this book are interesting and would be an asset to any serious Valentino scholar.  While they represent very dry reading, per say, they are useful as a resource and reference tool.  While many may bristle about paying $38 for a book of Xeroxed court testimony and various court papers, etc, I am actually glad that the author did it this way, rather than re-type the pages.  We know what we are seeing is the real deal.

She stated "I believe I solved the mystery of just who executed the brazen heist" of the missing Valentino court records.  I doubt she has solved this, I have documentation of the previous 3 owners of the documents, but the trail stops there, but I am still, myself investigating.  I know she doesn't have access to some of the papers that show the trail that I do, so I question her self congratulation.

Now for the "Author's Notes"    **Enter At Your Own Risk**

The author, Evelyn Zumaya as she has in past books uses the opening chapter titled "Author's Notes" to lash out at imaginary Valentino foes. 

In Affairs Valentino she called them "Valentino cultists" and in the S. George Ullman memoir she called them "Valentino Fundamentalists"  In Affairs Valentino Companion Guide she refers to these as "inner workings of a shadowy world of Valentino Collectors"  She expects the reader to accept the notion that these "Shadowy Valentino collectors" launched (quote) "a literal campaign to impede, suppress and censor my work"  She stated "I came under withering attack from several prominent individuals in the 'Valentino world'"  Citing the use of social media, she called their alleged actions a "perfect storm" to "destroy my professional reputation and my work".

The author recently took to Twitter using the following hash-tags to express herself:

#authors in hiding
#authors against bullying
#stop boycotting me
#stop book swarming
#recognize my work

Apparently she really believes all of that. It's actually kind of sad.  For when one writes such things it only stands to reason that they would never be taken seriously within the Valentino or silent film community.  And she hasn't. 

So my recommendation is that if you want the selected pages of court documents as presented in Affairs Valentino Companion Guide, then you should add this book to your Valentino library.  Just  skip the chapter "Author's Notes" 

                                  This is the last marked page (368) in the book.   There are two
                                   blank pages thereafter.  No way this book is 400 pages.

Monday, July 2, 2018

"The S. George Ullman Memoir" - Book Critique


Did Rudolph Valentino think Natacha Rambova was a lesbian?   Yes.  In the S. George Ullman manuscript Ullman wrote of a quick exchange with Rudy telling him Nita Naldi had been seen around New York with Natacha Rambova.   Rudy turns to Ullman and (referring to Naldi) says "Dont tell me she's a lesbian too!"  That means he already thought Rambova was a lesbian.

Sadly, you wont get to read that passage in the book marketed by Viale Industria Publications called "The S. George Ullman Memoir"  Evelyn Zumaya, who wrote the foreward to the book is a fierce opponent to anyone who dares to question Valentino's sexuality. Certainly Rudy calling Rambova a lesbian threw Zumaya a curve ball. In 2009 Zumaya gave a public lecture on Valentino's sexuality and ripped apart two Valentino authors who's viewpoints on his sexuality differed from hers. At the time she received the Ullman manuscript she mistakenly thought she held the only copy, therefore she probably thought that she could quietly censor the lesbian paragraph out and no one would be the wiser.  To me that stands as a true example of homophobia.

To think that Evelyn Zumaya who on her podcasts wailed about censorship of her book and even brought up book burning would, at the same time quietly snip the lesbian paragraph out and thus deliberately extracting a part of George Ullman's Valentino history.  Would S. George Ullman approve of her deed? I would think not. I fully believe he would denounce both Evelyn Zumaya and her publisher Child star (age 72) Renato Floris.

Zumaya also changed many ! to a period.  Apparently Ullman was fond of using the exclamation points and she felt her right to remove them. However it does change the author's intended tone.

Recollections came to mind of the horrific "A Forewarning" from her Affairs Valentino book.  Zumaya this time claims the existence of "Valentino Fundamentalists" who are busy at work to destroy Ullman's reputation.  Accusing these "Valentino Fundamentalists" of perpetuating falsehoods for decades.  Sighs.  At least she isn't calling them "Valentino Cult" members like she did in her first book.

People, including myself, have made documentation publicly available  that Ullman was not always working for Rudy's best interests, especially when he was no longer alive. In short, he stole items belonging to the Valentino estate and secretly sold them off piece by piece by using a shill who hid Ullman's involvement.

On page xii  of the foreward, Evelyn Zumaya states "Valentino Fundamentalists" were spreading and maintaining old lies of Ullman including  that Rambova being barred in the contract from any Valentino production.  She says that is a lie from the "Valentino Fundamentalists".

Uh, no....... Actually S. George Ullman wrote that and its there for you to read in the 3rd paragraph on page 66   Ullman wrote "Mr. Schenck had insisted upon the clause which barred her from any participation in the pictures"   Who gave Schenck that idea? Ullman, of course!

So, no, it wasn't the "Valentino Fundamentalists" who were retelling that.  Ullman himself said it.

The rest of the book is interesting anecdotes of Ullman's business involvement with Rudy and Natacha along with the aftermath of the estate. I feel his stories are believable and worth reading.  Aside from Valentino knowing Rambova was a lesbian, there are no new revelations made.  However it is a fun, good read and I recommend this book for anyone's Valentino library.  Ullman was an eyewitness to many of Valentinos doings and its worthwhile to listen to what he has to say. He comes across as very matter of fact, and a voice of reason when Rudy and Natacha were (financially) spinning out of control.  The photos in the book are all interesting and add to the value of the book.

I would have given this book 5 stars if Evelyn Zumaya had not tripped herself up with pointing fingers at imaginary "Valentino Fundamentalists" accusing them of  clandestine activities.  But, luckily her penchant for writing 'Forewarnings' and 'Forwards' doesn't detract from the wonderful stories that Ullman shares.  The stories leap off the page in a breezy manor and its clear he was fond of his subject.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

"The Infancy Of The Myth" Book Critique - Affairs Valentino Publisher

   My copy of "Infancy of the Myth"

The Infancy of the Myth is the title of a book that covers Rudolph Valentino's time in Castellaneta from birth until the family moved to Taranto a span of about nine years.  Written by Castellaneta historian, Aurelio Miccoli, often called "the professor"

The book is paperback and clocks in at 255 pages although Amazon lists the book in error at 294 pages.  It has many color photographs of vintage structures in Castellaneta, including churches and street-ways and of course Valentino's noted birth home.  To me the photographs were the best part of the book.  

The book is being marketed as a straight forward biography of Rudolph Valentino's first nine years of life.  On Amazon the publisher has tried to sweeten the deal by describing it as a "scholarly study" and says it is a "stunning, accurate narrative".  No, sadly, it is not even close to that wishful description the publisher, Viale Industria Publication put on Amazon.

If the book had been marketed as "historical fiction"  I would award the author ***** five stars on Amazon.  However as a "scholarly study" it comes up with * star.  

Why?  Fictional dialogue.  A whopping 90% of the book is fictional dialogue. 

This is an example where the author completely invents dialogue, actions, glances, touching.

Here the author tells the reader what Alberto and Rodolfo were thinking, as well as what their fathers actions were.  All fabricated.

Here the author tells us what Rodolfo was thinking and felt; pain, humiliation and anger.  All fabricated.

Here the author fabricates an entire interaction with the local priest along with back and forth fictional dialogue.  All untrue.
 The author has provided no citations as to where he is pulling the dialogue from, and therefore there is no way for him to know from 1895 to 1904 as to what Valentino's mother, father, brother, priest was thinking, or saying.  Yet he tells us page after page of what they were thinking, he quotes them in casual dialogue.  

The premise of the book is true;  Castellaneta is the real town where Valentino was born and yes his father, Giovanni, his mother Gabrielle, his brother Alberto all were real people. The author in his introduction said his aim of the book was to outline the real events.  This he accomplished, but just reader be wary -  everything outside of that framework has been created out of thin air.   It reads like historical fiction and if that is fine by you, then by all means add this book to your library.   Just know that it is not a "scholarly study" nor is it a "stunning, accurate narrative" as the publisher has described. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Affairs Valentino Critique - George Ullman's Valentino 'Giveaway"

In Affairs Valentino the author Evelyn Zumaya talks of meetings with Bill "Pelf" which we all now know is William Self the acclaimed 20th Century Fox television producer.  Why she switched the one letter is probably some type of revenge for cutting her off from any further meetings.  I wouldn't blame him one bit.  She described the interior of his house incorrectly so her one visit must have been with just the front door cracked open as Self shooed her away from his property.

Evelyn alluded in Affairs Valentino that Self played the Valentino family and the S. George Ullman family.  Both sides were kind to him and he, being the gentleman he was, returned the courtesy.  S. George Ullman often gave Self personal Valentino estate items that he, S. George Ullman had no legal right to possess, as he stole them from the Valentino Estate.  Here is evidence of one such item Ullman freely gave away.  This note is written in Ullmans own handwriting to Bill Self. 

"This incense burner was purchased
in Spain by Rudolph Valentino and
used by him for heating his mascara
eye lash makeup.
A birthday gift to William Self from
George Ullman, Valentino's Manager on
June 21, 1970"

In Affairs Valentino on page 384 author Evelyn Zumaya stated that Bill Self was gifted with Valentino's platinum Cobra watch by Alberto and Jean.  That is not correct information.  Bill Self purchased the watch. It was not given to him.  He paid $10,000.00 for the item.

                                                     Source: Affairs Valentino page 384

This is another example of the errors within the book Affairs Valentino by author Evelyn Zumaya.

Valentino Fan Fiction - Evelyn "Fool" Zumaya

On the latest podcast, Evelyn "Fool" Zumaya lashed out with a fury against Alberto Valentino and his great granddaughter. Fan...