Monday, December 28, 2020

Secured? More Like Stolen; More Proof Of The George Ullman Black Market Sales

I own the original letter, along with the actual bow tie that George Ullman "secured" for Mrs. Oaks.  

Since none of Valentino's clothing and accessories were sold at the auction, I ask just how did Mr. Ullman "secure" one of Rudy's bow ties?  The answer is easy.  He stole it.  Not only did he take ties and sell them off in a drip...drip... drip fashion, he also stole furniture, artifacts and miscellaneous items from the estate of Rudolph Valentino.  I have evidence of his selling these items on the black market for 30 years (1956) after the death of Rudy.   

Alberto and the Valentino family had no evidence of this until I provided it to them.  

Let there be no doubt;  S. George Ullman was not an honest man.  He wasn't above dishonest behavior when it would benefit his pocketbook.

And that's the truth.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Evelyn Zumaya - YOU are "the sake of laughter" within the Valentino Community.

A burlesque show?  really?

Evelyn Zumaya's words


Is this how Evelyn Zumaya views the Valentino Memorial Service?  The Valentino Memorial is the oldest continuing annual event in Hollywood history. All afforded to Rudolph Valentino.

Yet Evelyn Zumaya throws shade on the event.  


 How sad is she, that she finds fault with a dignified respectful annual tribute. Does this lady really think the Valentino Memorial is this definition of "burlesque"?  Shame on her.  Question: Does anyone take her seriously anymore? I think not. 

 She's become a buffoon.  

The Valentino Memorial Service marches on, year after glorious year.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Dreadful: A Critique of Jeanne De Requeville's English Translation Book "Rudolph Valentino"

Say what you will, this is just a sad affair all around.  The 'Publisher' who's native tongue is Italian is now translating a book in two languages not in his normal realm. It doesn't even matter.

The original book is about 2/3 fictional dialogue and would be considered an embarrassment to anyone who reads it.  It's no wonder this book is seldom quoted or sourced in ANY book about Rudolph Valentino.  It is awash with errors.

                                     The original version, left and the new reprint, right

Aside from a mountain of errors, let me make clear that this book is pure pablum. You will learn nothing new at all.

Examples of errors that the original author made and the "editor" Evelyn Zumaya, of the new edition didn't catch: (Keep in mind the 'editor's' sole role in this project was to make footnotes to point out errors or clarifications)

On page 25 on the 2nd paragraph the name Jean Acker is spoken.  Yet in the very next paragraph she is noted as "Joan" Acker.    Huh???

On Page 27 Jeanne, when talking about the movie The Married Virgin saying "they glue a monocle on his right eye and draw a thin mustache... he smokes a big cigar which contributes to his characters unpleasant appearance"  In truth in the movie the Married Virgin he uses NO monocle nor does he sport a mustache. In confusion the author is remembering "Isle Of Love'  Yet, Zumaya did not grasp  De Requeville's error nor make any 'footnote' of it. This is quite noteworthy because it exposes Zumaya's lack of Valentino knowledge early on.

 Rudy as he appeared throughout in 'The Married Virgin'. Do you see a monocle or mustache?

Rudy in 'Isle of Love'  How much research would it have taken for Evelyn Zumaya to right this wrong in the original edition?

On page 36 Evelyn Zumaya continues to misspell the street name of his home in Whitley Heights. I called her out on this some time ago, so you'd think it would be on her radar, but no.  Wedgewood is still misspelled as "Wedgwood"  This is the simplest of fixes.  This is noteworthy of how 'scholarly' this woman is.  She is NOT.

On page 48 The original author has Rudy filming Beyond The Rocks after the Rambova wedding, yet truth be told, Beyond The Rocks was released on May 7 and the marriage was on May 13th.  Some thing is wrong with her math! Does Evelyn Zumaya catch this error or make a foot note about it? NO.

Another error by Evelyn Zumaya is on page 53 footnote #100 which Zumaya says they were married on the first day of the tour.  No!  Tour's first date was March 17 in Omaha NB, NOT Crown Point where they were married in Indiana.

On page 87 Footnote #173  Evelyn Zumaya turns on the original author in a vicious way.  She says her comments are a "cruel invention of the author" Ouch.  The reason?  The original authors negative comments about Natacha Rambova. Oh, whats this?  Zumaya is selling a book about Rambova? Thus the snarky footnote #173.  Got it.

On page 127 the author says he was wearing slave bracelet in death and will take it to the grave.  Evelyn Zumaya makes NO effort to dispute this.   Maybe she doesn't know?

Page 131  The author says George Ullman and Charlie Chaplin were pall bearers at the Saint Malachy funeral. Charlie Chaplin was a pall bearer at the West Coast funeral held at the Church of the Good Shepherd.  Ullman was never a pall bearer. Did Evelyn Zumaya even notice this error?  There is no 'footnote' in the book, so I have to believe this went over her head. SAD.

Page 133    Alberto did not pay for burial spot.  B of A (as administrators) paid $800 on March 24, 1933. In the book it says it says this happened in 1936.  This is untrue. Evelyn Zumaya once again shows her lack of facts.

Page 179  Aspiration Statue  unveiling  The author says that Pola was there; "Pola Negri was asked to honor the event with her presence in a intimate ceremony which included about 10 photographers.  Pola came running, delighted to pose while she was removing the drape which covered the statue "

FACT:  it was actually Delores Del Rio who unveiled the Aspiration statue.  Not Pola.  In fact Pola was not even in the USA in 1930,  All of this was lost on Evelyn Zumaya.  She's scholarly?
Delores unveiling the Aspiration statue

Lets wrap up this mess with Frank Mennillo.   Author Jeanne De Recqueville mentions Mennillo ONCE.  Yet, due to footnotes by Evelyn Zymaya he is mentioned an astounding 13 times within the book!  In the index Mennillo is listed as being on pages 17, 19, 56, 109, 119-120.   The index is faulty - It doesn't mention Mennillo is also on pages 15, 121, 128

This book is a joke.   35% fictional dialogue and shows Recqueille is another yawn in the early bios of Rudy.  Who asked for this to be translated and reprinted?  There is nothing truthful nor any insight to be had.  They are charging $39 on Amazon.  Do you think this is a fair price?

Thursday, June 4, 2020

How Evelyn Zumaya Operates

Evelyn Zumaya -  Once again I ask you publicly to stop bullying with your podcasts and Twitter and Tumbler accounts. On your blogs, your websites.  Take down those podcasts and web pages.  Please, email me privately for ways for you to atone for your long campaign of hate and bullying.

My very first ever blog was created on September 25, 2011.  I opened it calling it "Valentino Wept" because I felt he would weep if he knew the online bulling that Evelyn Zumaya was doing in his name.

I ask you to please remember that date.

I am going to give you proof of what Evelyn Zumaya had written about me online PRIOR to that first ever blog post that I did.  Yes, it was bullying.  It continues to be bulling no matter what she says, no matter how she tries to twist it.  It is bullying.

                      My first ever blog posting.  You can see its a heart-felt plea for her bullying to stop.

Here is an Evelyn Zumaya blog called Valentino Speaks where she personally attacked me and claimed George Ullman's son would want to "kick my ass"  This was from March 7, 2010.  Note that the date shows it to be one year, six months before I ever first posted on a blog online.  Yes, Evelyn Zumaya is bullying!

Here is another blog she ran called Lord Wilde and she claims she is going to create a "spoof" book and name me by a mock-name that rhymes with my own (Tracy Terhune/ "Stacey Pefume") so that no one would be mistaken on who she intends to target.  Bullying?  Oh wow, Yes.  Its actually sickening that Evelyn Zumaya labeled it "An Enticing Idea"

Here is a blog entry the day before the Valentino Memorial where she called it "Happy Crypt Keeping" and that the Memorial Service was run by (me) a cultist. She also released at this same time, her book Affairs Valentino with the "A Forewarning" where she also named me as a cultist and Valentino Cult Leader.  Keep in mind that this is still prior to my ever posting on any online blog.  She still had free reign on the internet.  Bullying me the day before the Valentino Memorial.

It didn't end there. Once I created the blog "Valentino Wept"  The next day, yes the very next day she created another blog called "Valentino Laughed" so as to mock my first public response to her many bullying posts about me. 

 Sadly, these photos below will show there are hundreds upon hundreds of pages captured of her bullying me and others on numerous blogs that she has created.  All created with the intent to bully those who she has taken a dislike to.  It wasn't just me, she attacked author David Bret, she attacked a female blogger in London.  She attacked the Valentino family. She's attacked people who run Valentino Facebook forums.

As the screenshots show, she started it.  She was posting a year and half about me non-stop.  All of it designed to put lies, mis-information about me online.  You can see for yourself the mountain of evidence that proves she is the bully.  I, and all the rest who followed, have fought back against her bullying.  That is one of the main reasons I obtained this blog when she abandoned it.  For the sole purpose of now owning the very blog she had bullied me on!

Please.  See for yourself and let the record show:


Monday, June 1, 2020

The Illegal George Ullman Valentino Sale

In the book Affairs Valentino author Evelyn Zumaya would have you believe that Valentino business manager S. George Ullman was a honest person who's character has been maligned without justification.  Long ago I made known that I had documents that would prove that Ullman kept items from the estate and sold them piece by piece through a dealer in Hawthorne California.  He kept selling piece by piece until 1956.  That's 30 years after Valentino's death.

When I made these papers known, I received an inquiry from the Valentino family and I made them a complete copy of what I had.  Evelyn Zumaya who was then in the writing/researching phase of her book, expressed no interest to see or view them.  In fact the opposite. She made a comment later on saying something to the effect that if George was stealing, so what? everyone else was too.

When her book later came out on page 374 she wrote the below:

Claiming that Ullman was giving "Pelf" all his Valentino items, and if they had value he would have sold them for much needed money.  That, folks is exactly what he was doing!  Lets show the proof:

Here is what the above letter says:

"Dear Dell -
Under separate cover I am mailing you 28 pieces of Valentino papers some of which I feel are quite valuable.  I suggest that you show only one or two at a time to your customers.  There is the whole history of Valentino's trouble with Famous Players in the "papers on appeal" which was presented to  the Supreme Court Nov. 1, 1923.  There are 9 letters addressed to Rudy, one to me, very personal."

In another exchange Ullman wrote:

"Also, in my personal box I found Rudy's own leather wallet. It was truly his although it is not initialed.  He carried it always except in the evenings.  It is tan and has four gold corners but it does show signs of wear quite naturally.  I will sell this but not for less than $25  Let me know if you want these things which are really the last"

He later found more... the mortgage from the Whitley Heights home!  

"Dear Dell,
The following are the papers I have left.  1.  A mortgage from Natacha & Rudy, signed by both"

His asking price for this -  $45

Now he is selling the painting that Rudy painted. Asking price $200

"This picture is a painting by Valentino.  It is the one and only painting ever executed by him and depicts a scene from the porch of his Whitley house home.  He painted this under the tutelage of Beltram Masses while that artist was a guest in Rudy's home"

In the below he begins to unload the estate items he's kept.  On some he numbers in brackets the number as it is depicted in the Valentino Estate Catalog:

In part it reads:

1. Two wrought iron candle sticks 18" high #186 in catalog $50
2. Humidor  #193 in catalog  $100
3. Antique oil painting on wood  #305 in catalog $75
4. Gold embroidered Jacket vest #309 in catalog $50
5. Antique painting on wood panel 16th century  $75
6. Antique painting on wood panel 16th century #278 in catalog  $75
7. Bronze statue 'laughing boy' 9 inches high on tan colored marble base $75
9. R. Valentino's sword cane. Silver knob top (purchased by RV in Spain)  $125
10. Old gold jewelry casket 4"long 2"deep. Hinged oval top all over inlaid gold $40
11.  Bronze plaque of RV  $350
12.  Leather jewel case  initials R.V.G. on front $75
13.  Solid gold key ring with real sapphire top and gold key for above jewel case  $75

There is much more but I think the point is made.
  On page 369 in Affairs Valentino Evelyn Zumaya said:

Little attention?  Thats what Evelyn Zumaya wrote in Affairs Valentino.  After reading the above do you think she got it right?

Saturday, April 18, 2020

This Is Her Life

The Child Star (age 74) on 4/4/20 said:

 "Go Away You All. You are too cumbersome a presence in our lives"

 Lets see what the "Child Star" (age 74) and his wife posted about the very people that they asked to "Go Away"

(insert drum roll here......)



















4-6-20 "B"


4-7-20 "B"



















5-13-20 "B"



 I proclaim you are a farce and that we ARE your life.  

Cumbersome?  How foolish and obvious you come across for ALL to see.

Secured? More Like Stolen; More Proof Of The George Ullman Black Market Sales

I own the original letter, along with the actual bow tie that George Ullman "secured" for Mrs. Oaks.   Since none of Valentino'...